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About Us

Built by artists and engineers that have worked at places like Pixar, Oculus, and Facebook - Filta is the app that we wanted for ourselves.

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Selling filters is hard

Secret Instagram URLs. Gumroad uploads. Cash app receipts. SuperRare sales. It's a mess.

Filta lets you create, publish, use, buy, and sell all in one place.

Tooling is bad

Even basic things are hard to do with the platforms available today. Advanced things are nearly impossible.

With Filta - you build and publish your filters directly out of Unity. We're providing the best tools so you can create your wildest dreams.

Filters shouldn't

be free

Creating filters requires incredible talent. Publishing your work today means giving that talent away for free.

Filta allows you to create limited-editions of your work and charge for it. Finally you can earn a living doing what you love most.